Further recognition for OXCEL members through European-American University programs

There are opportunities for diploma-holders of OXCEL to gain further recognition through candidacy for the overseas distance learning degree awards of European-American University (www.europeanamerican.university).

Legal information: Degrees issued by European-American University are not United Kingdom degrees, nor are they designed to be comparable to United Kingdom degrees. The degrees of European-American University are issued under joint authority: under European-American University’s Royal Charter of Incorporation from the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara (one of the subnational kingdoms of the Republic of Uganda) and its incorporation as a private international university in the Republic of Panama. European-American University is a private international university and is not a government-accredited or state university.

OXCEL Certification Graduates 2017

  1. Anize Nur Datuk Mohamed Nizam (Fellow)
  2. Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Riza Md Ibrahim (Fellow)
  3. Dato’ Jahlilawati Abu Bakar (Fellow)
  4. Nizal Mohamad (Fellow)
  5. Ferri Anugerah Makmur (Fellow)
  6. Rohani Ibrahim (Fellow)
  7. Rakhisah Mat Zin (Fellow)
  8. Ezdwan Razak Zainal Abidin (Graduate)
  9. Norazah Zainal (Graduate)
  10. Zulbahari Mohd Ali (Graduate)
  11. Adam Danial Dato’ Azahari (Young Leaders Award)
  12. Emir Haqim Dato’ Azahari (Young Leaders Award)
  13. Banafsya Amiruddin (Young Leaders Award)
  14. Muhammad Akmal Syafi Mohd Syamsul (Young Leaders Award)
  15. Muhammad Danish Irfan Dato’ Seri Ibrahim (Young Leaders Award)
  16. Nur Farzana Ahmad Fariz (Young Leaders Award)
  17. Noor Hannan Akhmal (Young Leaders Award)