Further recognition for OXCEL members through European-American University programs

There are opportunities for diploma-holders of OXCEL to gain further recognition through candidacy for the overseas distance learning degree awards of European-American University (www.europeanamerican.university).

Legal information: Degrees issued by European-American University are not United Kingdom degrees, nor are they designed to be comparable to United Kingdom degrees. The degrees of European-American University are issued under joint authority: under European-American University’s Royal Charter of Incorporation from the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara (one of the subnational kingdoms of the Republic of Uganda) and its incorporation as a private international university in the Republic of Panama. European-American University is a private international university and is not a government-accredited or state university.

OXCEL CPD Seminar, October 2018

On 2 and 3 October 2018, OXCEL’s CPD Seminar took place at the Doubletree Hilton, The Intermark, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The convenor of the CPD Seminar was Professor Dato’ Azahari Othman, President of OXCEL Asia-Pacific. The seminar was led by Dr Michel Gagne, FDipOXCEL.

Updates on forthcoming events

  • The OXCEL CPD programme which is scheduled to be on 4th & 5th September 2018 has been changed to 2nd & 3rd October 2018.
  • The briefing for EAU-DBA candidates from OXCEL will be held on 13th August. Registration will be done on this day.
  • Final coaching session & review session for the YLP students will be held tentatively on 7th October 2018. We are now open for YLP 2nd Intake for year 2018/2019.

OXCEL organises MBSB Team Bonding event

60 participants are confirmed comprised of all levels from supporting staffs up to the management level. The programme includes a special focus on OXCEL’s 9 Qualities of Leadership. Each participant who successfully completes the programme will receive a Certificate of Recognition from OXCEL and the opportunity to participate in OXCEL’s Certification Programme at a discounted rate. A second group of 96 participants is scheduled provisionally for November.

OXCEL Asia-Pacific relaunches

OXCEL Asia-Pacific is relaunching under the capable leadership of Fellow of OXCEL and colleague of the late Dr Saiful Bahri Musa, Dr Azahari Othman.

Dr Othman has been appointed President and Chief Executive of OXCEL Asia-Pacific and will co-ordinate its operations from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Dr.Othman, AzahariProf. Dr. Azahari Othman, who is among the distinguished corporate trainers and celebrity speakers in the corporate training industry in Malaysia had his early education in St.John’s Institution, Kuala Lumpur. He received the Professional Certification of Leadership Competency and was conferred a FELLOW Of OXCELL (Level 8). Due to his dedicated and inspired coaching, leading and developing human capability in the area of ‘8ELQ (Emotional Love Quotient) Leadership and Sustainability’, he was later conferred a PROFESSOR Of OXCELL from the same body. He holds a BSc. in Marketing Mgmt (USA), MBA in Organizational & Management Consulting (EU), and DBA in Leadership (USA).

Prof. Dr. Azahari Othman began his retail management career in Mervyn’s Departmental Store, a member of Dayton Hudson Group in America, and later held various managerial positions in few established retail organizations in Malaysia. A founder and a Master Coach of 8ELQ, Prof. Dr. Azahari’s 8ELQ model has become an effective holistic training approach in most of his training programs, among others include Leadership Excellence Program, Entrepreneurship Development Program, Employees Excellence Program, Train the Trainers Program, Team Building Program, and Customer Service Excellence Program.

Lovingly known as ‘Dr.LUV’, Prof. Dr. Azahari Othman is currently a Principal & Chief Consultant of Barefoot Consultancy. Prof. Dr. Azahari’s professional ability as a speaker and trainer together with his high energetic style of presentation has made each program so exciting, motivating, and inspiring. His high EQ styles of delivery had encouraged active participation from the audiences internationally and locally, and this has made him a much sought motivational speaker by many well established corporations, government agencies, associations and the media.

Prof. Dr. Azahari Othman had eventually appeared in many TV programs such as in TV3, ASTRO, BERNAMA, RTM and Malaysian Internet TV’s ‘Power Breakfast’ live talk show broadcasted to 40 countries worldwide. He was appointed as a Motivator for ASTRO’s famous reality program Akademi Fantasia Seasons 3, 5, and 8. He was also a TV Host for BERNAMA’s TV Talk Show Program ‘Hello Malaysia’, and a radio host for BERNAMA’s Radio24 program, ‘Bicara Cinta Bersama Dr.LUV’.

Relaunch of OXCEL

Professor John Kersey addresses EAU-OXCEL convocationFollowing the death of its founder, Dr Saiful Bahri Musa, in December 2013, OXCEL was re-launched by a group of educationalists who have been closely involved with its operation since inception. The re-launch makes OXCEL a full centre of the Western Orthodox University (Commonwealth of Dominica), the successor institution to European-American University (EAU) with which it has had a successful partnership for some years.

OXCEL’s new President is Professor John Kersey, well-known to many at OXCEL as President of EAU and now the Chancellor of the Western Orthodox University (Commonwealth of Dominica) and Master of the Western Orthodox Academy (UK). Professor Kersey, who can be seen above addressing the joint EAU-OXCEL Awards Ceremony at London’s Royal Over-Seas League in 2012, has brought the resources and administrative strengths of his organization to bear on the OXCEL re-launch, with institutions sharing mentors and having a well-established joint awards programme already in place.

Reviving and growing the extensive network that OXCEL had established both in Asia and the Middle East is a top priority for OXCEL following the re-launch, and OXCEL will be interested to hear from affiliates and partners both old and new who are interested in collaboration with the established OXCEL brand.