Appointments to the Executive Board of OXCEL Asia-Pacific Advisory Council (APAC)

Dear Honourable Oxcelians,

Wishing you all well and in good health always!

On behalf of the Advisory Council of OXCEL International, I am pleased to announce the official appointment of the following five Honourable Oxcelians as Executive Board Members (EBM) of OXCEL APAC, for the term 2021/2022.

1. Professor Dr. John Chan
Executive Chairman

2. Dr. Maria Rufina
Executive Member

3. Dr. Michel Gagne
Executive Member

4. Dr. Shaliza Shafie
Executive Member

5. Dr. Hussaini Zaini
Executive Member

Roles of EBM
1. To seek advise and make recommendations to the Advisory Council of OXCEL on any new policies & strategies to be adopted for further improvement.
2. To ensure all current policies are adhered to.
3. To ensure all OXCEL activities planned for year 2021/2022 in the countries within the APAC region are executed and met its target towards the Vision & Mission of OXCEL APAC.

To be the utmost choice and preferred leadership certification body in the Asia-Pacific region.

To provide the best platform in educating people with professional leadership skills and thoughts, and to ensure members will gain fullest benefits from all activities organized by OXCEL APAC.

This WhatsApp group of ‘OXCEL ASIA-PACIFIC’ is now being administered by EBM of OXCEL APAC, with the mandate given by the Advisory Council of OXCEL International.

Looking forward from all Honourable Oxcelians for your fullest cooperation in making OXCEL a strong international brand name, with leadership agenda as our main primary focused. Your contributions and sharings on any leadership matters .. your experiences, skills, thoughts, articles, journals or books, videos, motivations, and Q&As are always welcome for the benefits of all members globally in this ‘OXCEL ASIA PACIFIC’ WhatsApp group.

Stay Safe!

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Dato’ Prof. Azahari Othman
The President and Advisory Council Member