Relaunch of OXCEL

Professor John Kersey addresses EAU-OXCEL convocationFollowing the death of its founder, Dr Saiful Bahri Musa, in December 2013, OXCEL was re-launched by a group of educationalists who have been closely involved with its operation since inception. The re-launch makes OXCEL a full centre of the Western Orthodox University (Commonwealth of Dominica), the successor institution to European-American University (EAU) with which it has had a successful partnership for some years.

OXCEL’s new President is Professor John Kersey, well-known to many at OXCEL as President of EAU and now the Chancellor of the Western Orthodox University (Commonwealth of Dominica) and Master of the Western Orthodox Academy (UK). Professor Kersey, who can be seen above addressing the joint EAU-OXCEL Awards Ceremony at London’s Royal Over-Seas League in 2012, has brought the resources and administrative strengths of his organization to bear on the OXCEL re-launch, with institutions sharing mentors and having a well-established joint awards programme already in place.

Reviving and growing the extensive network that OXCEL had established both in Asia and the Middle East is a top priority for OXCEL following the re-launch, and OXCEL will be interested to hear from affiliates and partners both old and new who are interested in collaboration with the established OXCEL brand.