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Welcome to OXCEL, a premier leadership organization founded in the United Kingdom and active internationally today. OXCEL was established to provide opportunities for members to develop and enhance their leadership skills. Through assessments, leadership coaching, experiential opportunities, simulations and presentations by business leaders, members build confidence, enhance their leadership skills, and gain real-life experiences to apply responsible leadership in all aspects of their lives.

P1140205OXCEL focuses on developing leaders in partnership with international organizations and academic institutions. Indeed, it is this unique partnership between industry and academia that has allowed us at OXCEL to experience tremendous growth during these past years.

OXCEL has been sought after to implement projects for both non-governmental organizations as well as government linked companies both in the United Kingdom and through its partner organizations in the Asia region.

Committed to lifelong learning, OXCEL offers a well-established programme of certifications at Associate Diploma, Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma and Fellow Diploma levels which are aimed towards leaders in business, public service or the voluntary sector. OXCEL Certifications, which are recognized for credit towards degree awards, are a premier independent recognition in leadership.


  • an international certification body
  • an international facilitator of leadership thought and action
  • a connecting network of political, corporate and business leaders
  • a 21st-century change agent, shaping new technologies of communication and information for use as leadership tools
  • an international partnership at work around the globe


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OXCEL testimonialsOXCEL Blended Learning

“Certification is a mark-of-excellence that you carry with you everywhere you go. In today’s ever-changing business environment, you need every advantage to stay on top.”

  • Prior learning is appreciated and rewarded
  • Learners are innately self-directed
  • The instruction provides opportunity for interaction
  • Dialogue is part of the learning
  • Practical hands-on experience is part of the learning
  • Learning from someone who has ‘been there before’
  • Reflecting on your experiences

“Blended learning is all about change – change in attitude, change in knowledge, change in behaviour, change in skill, change in how we think, and change in productivity.”

OXCEL Member Benefits

Leadership is built on a unique relationship between leader and follower. Leaders know themselves, their people, and their profession. Leadership is a challenging and rewarding experience, and OXCEL promises to help you reach your leadership potential. With an established track record and engagement with many leaders around the globe, OXCEL can be the foundation for developing leaders within your organization. Unlike other leadership programmes, OXCEL is both a catalyst and a major resource that will raise the level of leadership in your organisation.

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